I Just Want That Table Part 2

self-assembly parts of little side table

So, as there was a bit of amusement after my failed table-buying interlude in September, I thought I’d post an update.

Incidentally, I’m loving my new writing room, which we repurposed as a guest-room-cum-study back in early summer last year. Since then, we’ve had various people staying over, including one set of grandparents (twice), my sister (twice), and my friends, Ann and Micha (once, but coming back in March). I hadn’t seen Ann in over eighteen years so it was wonderful to have her here! And Micha, too, of course! Each time, it has been really straightforward sliding the desk away, putting up the second bed and changing the main bed from a cushion-stacked couch to a bed for actual sleeping! I made a great discovery the other day, too! When they’re not being used by guests, the sturdy wooden clothes hangers I bought are perfect for hanging my storyboards from.

So, back to the table. I’d begun to think that little piece of furniture had existed in my mind only! I was sure the female member of staff I’d dealt with previously had moved in permanently at the store because she was there every time I made my polite enquiry: ‘Any news on the little table yet? Will it be coming in soon?’ Maybe the management had installed her specifically to deal with me. She was a little forbidding. Even if I managed to find and speak to a different person, that particular woman always sprang out of the woodwork, as if she was ready for me. You’re probably wondering how many times I asked and why I was so fixated on that tiny piece of furniture. Hahaha! You have to understand that, having seen it, no other little table would work in my room, trust me.

Eventually, I even gave up asking. And then I gave up looking. I started browsing other tables. Really! But, as I said, no other table would do and nothing else seemed right.

Then, BAM! I was in the shop with my husband on Saturday. . . and there it was. Sitting, quietly, as if it had been there all the time. Exactly the same table at exactly the same price. I mean, it really should have had a giant-sized sign suspended above it saying:

In stock at last: THE most sought-after side table in the history of furniture trading.

And, do you know what I did? I had the cheek to order it online!

And here it is!

little table assembled

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  1. Haha so funny and typically you!!! Glad you’ve got your table now, can’t wait to see it for real in March x

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