New Books!

A pile of my Oranges and Lemons novels

Well, it’s happened. My books have arrived. And what a picture they are!

There is fourteen-year-old Jess, on the front cover, with Adeline, the little ghost, running behind her. Mulberry Hall makes a beautiful backdrop, in a Victorian-style textured linen effect. And on the reverse, beneath the blurb, is the doctor’s bag and accoutrements, along with prowling cat and a bottle of ink.

The page edges have been sprayed with a dusky purple-maroon which tones in with the colours Jill used in her illustrations.
And Jill’s calligraphy finishes it all off to perfection.

I couldn’t be happier and would love to hear your comments!


Buy the paperback from Troubador

Or buy the ebook on Kindle from Amazon

Or the Google Play ebook

Or Apple iBooks

8 thoughts on “New Books!”

  1. Fantastic Paula and a wonderful tribute to all your hard work. Enjoy the moment. One question – what does the F stand for in your name?

    1. Hi Irene, the ‘F’ is for Frances. There is another author called Paula Andrews so I decided to use Paula F. Andrews to differentiate!

  2. Hi Paula the book looks fantastic. I can’t wait to read it. The cover alone makes me want to get stuck into its Victorian delights. Well done sis – very, very proud of you!

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