The Cover design for Oranges and Lemons. . . Here it is!

Oranges and Lemons Front Cover

At last, I can reveal my wonderful book cover. Designed by Jill Calder, an accomplished and highly talented Scottish illustrator and calligrapher from Fife, it reveals Jessifer Jordan, the main character, and six-year-old Adeline Laythorpe, the little Victorian ghost Jess interacts with. Also shown, as a stylised backdrop, is the timber-framed Tudor building, Mulberry Hall, which was Adeline’s home and the site of the twentieth century world-famous china shop and café. And Jupiter (Joopy for short), Jessifer’s pet rat, scurries between the two girls.

Jill’s drawing captures both Jessifer’s anguish and bemusement and Adeline’s frenetic yet ghostly nature. And I love the homage to the beautiful linen-bound Victorian novel through the textured appearance of the backdrop.

And if you buy the book, you will find further beautiful detail relating to the story on the spine and the rear cover!

4 thoughts on “The Cover design for Oranges and Lemons. . . Here it is!”

    1. Thank you, Irene. Jill has done a remarkable job. The book is aimed at teens but is suitable for some young readers from age 10 all the way up to adult readers.

    1. Thanks Pat. Jill has done a great job and both front and back are really representative of the genre, I think.

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