Finding ideas for stories

Photo of blank page

How do you get an idea for a story? How do you turn it into something people might want to read?

Let’s start with the idea.

There are many ways for a story to come into existence. You may have overheard a snippet of chatter while waiting for your bus. Or perhaps you had a conversation with family which made you think ‘Ah, that’s good material for a story…’ First, there is a spark; something which ignites potential. The idea grows and evolves and then, as a writer, you help it take form, adding elements such as setting, characterisation and events.

Now, you need to make it appealing to read. There is much satisfaction in bringing a story to life by developing its various facets. Take a scene. Highlight one or two elements to make it real but avoid heavy description which will weigh it down. Let your reader fill in the detail.

Then consider your character. Who are they? What do they want? How do they behave? Get to know your character inside-out and before you know it, they will feel as real to you as you want them to feel to your reader. Show them doing what they do, saying what they say and twisting their pen relentlessly (annoying habit) and you’ll have them rising from the page as if they are in the room with your reader.

There are many other aspects to writing a story. Look out for more posts from me and enjoy the process of creating…